I Create India

What & How

What We Have

The Foremost Practical and Effective Entrepreneurship Program

Over the years, I Create India has developed a Foremost Practical Entrepreneurship Development Process. It is a very effective program for the unemployed youth and the disadvantaged, especially women at the grassroots in India. It has won many top International and National awards and recognition.

What We Do with our Expertise

To accomplish its mission of Creating Job Creators ©, I Create shares its expertise and IP developed by it  with other Govt, private sector and civil society institutions and organizations with mission similar to I Create’s. MoUs are entered into between I Create and selected partner for sharing IP. As content and methodology are the USP of I Create, the sharing is done in a structured manner to avoid any dilution in the quality during implementation by partner organization.

Core Concept

Our approach to scaling grass roots entrepreneurship training and development is through decentralized service delivery (by our centers) and centralized Knowledge Pool, Technical Support and Quality Control (by I Create). We refer to this as the “Modified Business Format Franchising” (MBFF). It has the rigour of standardization, uniformity and conformity in core aspects like any good franchise model. However, non-core issues are allowed discretionary latitude.

Setting up an I Create Center

Any organization such as a Trust, Company (Section 8) or an individual that wishes to start Entrepreneurship Development Activity in a chosen geographic area can approach I Create with sponsorship for setting up and operating an I Create Center. After due diligence about the organization or individual in terms of resources available and the mission and vision, a MoU is executed between the two parties.

Partnering with with large footprint Organizations

Organizations with large footprint and significant volume of beneficiaries with Entrepreneurship Development as a core mission also form strategic alliance with I Create. The partner organization sets up centers in multiple locations and I Create provides technical support to develop the Entrepreneurship Eco-System for the beneficiaries of the organization. Tweaking of the content and methodology is carried out, if warranted, based on the beneficiary profile.

Entrepreneurship Development Process

Entrepreneurship Development Process can be broken down in to five distinct but interrelated stages. These are: