I Create India

About Us


Economic empowerment of unemployed youth and disadvantaged members of society, especially women at the grassroots through Entrepreneurship Training, Mentoring, Access to Capital and Handholding. E E E – Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship”"


Like many path-breaking ideas, the origin of I Create was in the unfortunate incident of riots, police firing on and death of a few unemployed youth trying to enlist for the army during Kargil war. Harsh and Aruna Bhargava, founders of I Create, Inc. in the USA  were visiting India at that time.

Target Groups: Army Veterans, Women and Youth

Our interventions and programs are designed and directed towards our chosen target groups consisting primarily of Army Veterans, Women, and Youth.

Current Status

Since the beginning of the century, as the work of I Create became known across the country, likeminded people joined the cause and supported centers in different parts of the country. It started with one center in Jaipur at the turn of the century, but are currently present in Bangalore, Pune, Ahmednagar, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Vadodara.

MAGIC fund for Micro Enterprises

Access to finance is still one of the hardest challenges for small and micro businesses, who have no collateral to offer and need to finance their enterprises without bureaucratic delays and hassles. I Create has established  Seed Capital Assistance Funds for such businesses., to overcome the bureaucratic delays of government schemes or high cost of MFIs. Funds are operational at Bangalore and Jaipur.


Scaling Through Institutional Partnerships

To reach the scale needed to address the magnitude of issue faced by the country, I Create has chosen the path of partnership with institutions and organizations of State and National level. It plans to  institutionalize the Entrepreneurship Development Process through such large organizations to create the impact needed in the country through Creating Job Creators.