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About Us

I Create India is a non-profit organization focused on practical entrepreneurship development at the grassroots level. Its mission is economic empowerment of disadvantaged members of the society through practical entrepreneurship training, mentoring, access to capital and handholding.  Since the turn of the century,   I Create has created around 5,000 entrepreneurs from its various centers.  For this, it has developed an unique and practical entrepreneurship development system. I Create’s flagship program is training of Indian Army Veterans on entrepreneurship training, mentoring their business plans and handholding them once they start their businesses.

Army Business Incubation Centers are established at:

Training of Trainers Workshop and Leadership Meet was conducted in the month of January 24 for the I Create Team.  Founders Mr. Harsh Bhargava and Dr. Aruna Bhargava were part of the Event.

Glimpses from the Workshop

Performance Update for the Quarter (Jan-Mar) 2024

Successful Journey of Veterans

L HAV. Kalingaraja Matanavar starts a dairy business in his hometown after attending the Entrepreneurship Workshop at Maratha Light Infantry, Belgaum

Kalingaraja Matanavar’s retired from the Army after serving the Nation for more than 20 years. He was always interested in starting his own business as he could settle down in his native village Haveri, Karnataka.  The Entrepreneurship Workshop conducted by the The Hans Foundation Sponsored I Create BIC helped him in identifying a viable business. He conducted Market research as taught in the workshop and found starting a dairy in his hometown will fetch him optimum returns and he can run his business successfully.   He has invested ₹ 3 Lakhs and employed 2 people .

Hav Muken Singh starts a business selling artificial jewellery keeping in mind the current trend. I Create training helps!

Muken Singh retired from the Army as Havaldar from the Rajputana Rifles Regimental Center, Delhi .  He attended the The Hans Foundation Sponsored I Create India’s Entrepreneurship Workshop and decided to  start a business in selling artificial jewellery.  He discussed his business plan with the I Create Mentors who guided and motivated him in his Market Research and calculation of profit.  He has invested 5 Lakhs and employed 3.  

Army Veteran Kalesha Vali Shaikh successfully starts a fish farm in his hometown with the guidance received from Bajaj I Create BIC

After completing 19 years of military service, Kalesha Vali ji attended an Entrepreneurial Training program conducted by Bajaj I Create in Ahmednagar Centre when he came to the center to process his pension papers. He was impressed by the training and decided to start his own business but was unsure about what kind of business to start. He consulted with the I Create team for guidance, and with their help, he decided to start his own fish farming business. Kalesha has invested ₹ 4 lakhs for pond repair, fencing, fish seed, and fish feed.

Sub Sopan Shingade converts his passion to a Business, starts a Wrestling Academy to train youth.

From a young age, Sopan was fascinated by wrestling. After completing his 12th standard, he joined the Indian army. In the army, he continued his wrestling training and participated in various national level competitions. He attended the entrepreneurship training at Bajaj I Create BIC established at BEG, Pune and decided to start a wrestling academy.  Today he trains the youth and is part of many competitions.

Sub Ravindra Kumar starts a travel agency after his training at the HCLF sponsored BIC at AMC, Lucknow

 Sub Ravindra Kumar Mishra retired from the Indian Army after serving the Nation for 20 Years. He attended the Entrepreneurship Training Workshop conducted by the HCLFoundation Sponsored I Create BIC  at AMC, Lucknow.  The training gave him the confidence to start his own travel agency and Car Rental services.  He has invested ₹ 13 Lacs and employed 3 and running his business  successfully.

 Lance Nayak Laxman Raju starts a PG in his hometown Hyderabad housing 100 boys.  I Create training helps him in choosing the right Business Idea.

Lance Nayak Laxman Raju G retired from the MEG & Center, Bangalore.  He attended the HCLFoundation sponsored I Create BIC ‘s Entrepreneurship Training during his retirement  process.  He was always interested in starting a business after retirement, the training gave him the much needed confidence and I Create Mentors guided him in finetuning his Business Plan.  He has started a PG for boys in Hyderabad investing ₹23 Lakhs.  Presently, he has 100 students staying in his PG.

Workshops for the Family Welfare Unit of Army/Veer Naaris

Workshops were conducted Pan India for the Family Welfare Unit of Army/Veer Naaris.  More than 800 women attended the Entrepreneurship Awareness Program and around 85 women from MEG & Center, Bangalore, Maratha Light Infantry, Belgaum, Grenadiers Regiment, Jabalpur and WEC, Leh.  The feedback and the response from the workshops was impressive and encouraging.  More workshops are planned across the country targeting the women from the Family Welfare Unit/Veer Naaris.  

The programs are sponsored and funded by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance – VEER.

Glimpses from the Workshop

I Create BICs in Army Centers

Sponsored by
HCL Foundation, Bajaj Finserv, The Hans Foundation


“I joined I Create and learned many necessary skills that are crucial for starting a business. This knowledge has greatly benefited me, as there are many potential pitfalls in business that we may not be aware of until it’s too late. By planning ahead, we can avoid these losses and ensure a better chance of success. Through the I Create classes, I gained a deep understanding of major and minor points that are often overlooked in business. This knowledge will be invaluable to me in any future business endeavors.” 
Hav  Ramkishore, COS, Jabalpur

 We learned in this class the primary requirements to start a business are: like doing surveys, collecting information, and analysing it. Then we learned about the costs of start-up, fixed and variable costs in business, Sir also taught us about the business of Ramu tea stall from which we learned how much sales we have to do to reach the break-even point, gross profit & profit. Thank you I Create India for providing us with such valuable information about business. Jai Hind!
Sub Anil Kumar Singh, BEG, Pune

“We attended training sessions conducted by I Create India and gained valuable knowledge. We learned that the cash book can be used to  monitor our expenses even after a month. Additionally, I Create India provided us with useful guidance on conducting effective market research, which is a vital aspect of entrepreneurship. The faculties also emphasized the importance of starting our business locally and expanding globally.”
Subedar. Satyendra Kumar, ASC, Bangalore

I attended this workshop organized by “I Create India” and I found the concept very useful. Starting a business involves various small things that we may not be aware of, but this workshop helped me gain knowledge about all of them. We learned how to plan and execute our startup, what all things to consider before starting a business, and what government policies to keep in mind. People like us are often unaware of these things, so I Create also taught us about policies and planning before and after starting a business. We were also taught how to expand our business. I found this workshop very helpful, and in the future, I will definitely approach “This I Create India” for ideas on how to start a business.
Trupti Dinesh Tayde, Grenadiers Regimental, Jabalpur

Program Summary

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